Companyia B

Pep Boada works as an actor, manipulator, singer, musician and composer for different theater companies (Farrés Brothers, Producciones Esenciales, Sinilos, A Cel Obert, Pan Sucat, Títeres 4 Caminos, Tratado Trac trac, Trono Villegas, El Almacén, Cous Cous Clown, etc) and television programs (“Los Lunnis” and “Los Algos”).

Now he creates Companyia B to launch his new projects with the collaboration of some of the professionals he has worked with for years, with the desire to tell stories for small and large, combining puppets and live music.


EL RÀPID. The shoemaker without elves

Benet the shoemaker received a terrible order: an ogre asked him for new seven-league boots. And, to make matters worse, he received three more orders that threw him into a panic..

There are days when everything seems to go from bad to worse. But you have to trust that even though elves don’t exist, a stroke of luck can come into your life at the most unexpected moment.

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Just about everyone knows the story of “Pretty Ritty”… This time, we offer you a tender and fun version, with puppets and live music.
A show coming soon that talks about vanity … coming from modesty.

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