La Cresta

Orkestrònia is a living project in expansion, conceived and created by Alex Rigol, under the name of “cía. La Cresta”.
Its route in the street arts is through the company “Elpajarojocs” ( Large-format family games installations, of which he is the creator and promoter since 2014.
His interest in creating play materials has always been largely inspired by his children. Until now, following their needs and concerns, he has been creating different materials and interactive installations, but the time has come to take a leap forward.
Their interests have been changing and this has led her to design and build a material aimed at young and adult audiences.
Taking advantage of this change of direction in his trajectory and seeing the notorious differences with his previous projects, he has decided to change the name of the company.
Alex Rigol: “I always try to do projects that I am passionate about. My passion for music
and its margins, has led me to build this new material: “Orkestrònia”.
An installation that has taken on a life of its own and also sounds on stage in the format of an experimental music show.
A project born out of a desire to experiment and discover with music and sounds, and with the will to create spaces and atmospheres for personal enjoyment, sharing the experience with all of you”.



Interactive installation with self-created musical instruments made with recovered materials. A proposal to experiment individually or in pairs with music and sounds and create sound spaces and atmospheres. 12 quirky gadgets to foster personal enjoyment, creativity, and joy of living.

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