Born in Lleida. She began his circus training in Barcelona with professors specialized in aerial techniques; she continues with more involvement in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in different spaces and schools where she works dance, aerial and other circus techniques, especially the fixed trapeze.
In 2011 she studied at the Circo Rogelio Rivel school in Barcelona as a specialist in Fixed Trapeze.
She continues her career in Toulouse, France, where she trained with artists such as Elodie Doñaque, Chloé Moglia from the Rhizome company, Cohda Harrell, Madlener Laine among others …
Interested in dance and body movement, she seeks a unique language between technique and body expression, from which her trapeze number is born, which revolves around different festivals and cabarets in France, Catalonia and Spain.
She works as a trapeze artist at the theater company Markeliñe of vasc Country and collaborates with the show Flux Tendú of L’Élolienne company in France.
She has a degree in Physiotherapy and has been trained in techniques of lower extremity dysfunctions, myotensive techniques of the spine and pelvis, myofascial techniques, visceral and cranio-sacral therapy.



In a rustic context and with the Pyrenean tradition of fallas as a source of inspiration, a piece emerges between the movement and the trapeze (or its symbolism) through a simple and visual language.
A show where the tradition and the contemporary coexist, the rustic and the most delicate, and that invites the audience to be part of this ritual.
Through the body and the wood I speak of my memories, of me, of my godfather and of those people with wrinkled hands and feet rooted in the earth.
A scenario under construction where everything is transformed and where through the imaginary they glimpse the contradictions of the human being