Upcoming performances

Friday 03/03/23 – h
STRTFSTVL Showcase. DRU Industriepark, Ulft. Netherlands
Saturday 04/03/23 – h
STRTFSTVL Showcase. DRU Industriepark, Ulft. Netherlands
Sunday 04/06/23 – h
Cabrianes, Sallent, Bages



Length: 40 min.


A fresh, close and intimate trampoline show for the whole family where the most classic circus merges with urban cultures through dance, music and the art of Turntablism (scratch with vinyls). A proposal where the trampoline takes on a life of its own amid the craziness and acrobatics of its protagonist. A trip to the past that we fall in love with the most, full of humor, poetry, innocence, rhythm and caroms that will change our concept of the trampoline.
More action, more excitement, more of everything!… A-a-authis is ba-ba-bo-back 2 Classiiiics!

Artistic details

  • Concept and interpreter: Angel de Miguel Garcia
  • Direction: Planeta Trampolí
  • Costumes: Maria Teresa Garcia Major // La Cosette Mataró
  • Scenography: Planeta Trampolí // Benet Jofre
  • Thanks to: Amaya Minguez Rosa Forteza, Alejandro Navarro, Guillermo Aranzana Jordi Mas