Dai, ma aspetta

Length: 40 min


Two women, two chairs and a piece of gum.
The hand- to-hand acrobats will undergo an absurd but poetic journey born from dead time.
When we wait, does time become void? What happens when we are waiting?

The goal of this first creation revolves around what it means to wait and where we place this concept in time while doing it. Considering that we are currently living in a society that is always rushing to get somewhere and is overwhelmed by constant stimulus, we want to invite the audience to stop for a second and spend a bit of their time to ask themselves how we live the wait and what value we give to it in our lives.
It is from our relationship as friends and artists and through the hand to hand and movement that we want to pass these questions over to the public.
Dai, ma aspetta is a 40 minutes long performance where two women bring forward that waiting can become a moment of wonder and joy; that sometimes there is nothing wrong if nothing is happening.
When we are forced to wait we reassess the value we give to the time we invest in what we do. During 40 minutes of waiting, we let the uneasiness vanish with our playfulness and we create a world of movement that doesn’t forget the poetry in our doubts.

Artistic details

Original idea and direction: Las Sistars
Performers: Judit Obach et Maddalena Chialda
External advisors: Joan Ramon Graell, Jaime Monfort et Alma Steiner
Video: Stefano Rendon
Support: Residencia Incubadora – La Central del Circ, European project – Circollaborative and Cronopis Espai de Circ.