Companyia B

EL RÀPID. The shoemaker without elves

Gender: ,
Length: 45min.


Benet the shoemaker received a terrible order: an ogre asked him for new seven-league boots. And, to make matters worse, he received three more orders that threw him into a panic..

There are days when everything seems to go from bad to worse. But you have to trust that even though elves don’t exist, a stroke of luck can come into your life at the most unexpected moment.

Extraordinary things happen all the time and everywhere, not just in fairytales.

Artistic details

  • Text and direction: Jordi Palet
  • Actors and puppeters: Pep Boada and Núria Olivé / Ingrid Domingo
  • Music: Pep Boada
  • Scenography and puppets: Martí Doy
  • Costume: Paulette San Martín