Upcoming performances

Friday 28/06/24 – 18 h
Cicle Cultura o Extinció, Tarragona
Sunday 07/07/24 – 20 h
Plaça de Vilamacolum
Saturday 20/07/24 – 20:30 h
40ª ed. da Mostra Internacional de Teatro, MIT de Ribadavia, Programa SputMIT – satélites da MIT. A Franqueirán, Ribadavia, Galicia



Length: 50min


Second production of this company that presents a solo of small-medium format based on the circus and the clown. A reflection, from the poetic of the absurd on the impact of tourism, on the struggle of powers, on the emptiness, the silence and the loneliness in front of the immensity. A metaphorical trip to the human depths to look for what makes us continue swimming, looking, paddling despite the unforeseeable and always amazing magnitude and force of the waves. 

Artistic details

Idea, creation and interpretation: Tomeu Amer
External look: Ada Vilaró
Artistic accompaniment: Griselda Juncà
Musical composition and sound advice: Sasha Agranov
Design and construction set design: Tomeu Amer
Technician: Bernat Torras
Production: Griselda Juncà and La Persiana
Track builder: Ulrich Weigel
Costumes: Hotel iocandi
Distribution: Alina Ventura – The Suitcase of the Shows


Fira Tàrrega Moritz Award for best street arts premiere 2019

Fira Titelles Lleida Drac d’Or Award for best street art show 2021


A co-production of Fira Tàrrega 2019
With the support of Cal Gras, L’Estruch, Castellterçol Town Hall and Festival Escena Poblenou

With the support of the Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural (OSIC). Government of Catalonia.