Companyia B


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Length: 45min


Just about everyone knows the story of “Pretty Ritty”… This time, we offer you a tender and fun version, with puppets and live music.
A show coming soon that talks about vanity … coming from modesty.

The story is told in the same haberdasher’s where the little mouse spent the money that turned it into a delicious meal…, told by a direct descendant of the poor clerk who sold her the fated lace. Little did he know that by decorating the little mouse with such distinction, he was preparing her end!

The narration of the story is based on puppets – made from haberdashery – and live music.

Artistic details

Authors: Pep Boada and Jordi Palet (From the traditional story)
Text and direction: Jordi Palet
Music and interpretation: Pep Boada
Puppets: Antonio 4Caminos
Scenery: Companyia B and Jordi Regot
Lighting: Xavi Sala and Antonio 4Caminos
Fund: Marcia Yánez
Design and photography: Joan Abelanet