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Thursday 29/09/22 – 18 h
Saturday 22/10/22 – h
Festival Clownic. Torrelles de Foix

Col·lectiu TQM


Length: 55 min.


VoloV is a show made for all audiences. It consists of 6 artists; 2 multi instrumental musicians, 4 aerial acrobats and dancers. We offer a 50-minute street and theater version. The show uses circus languages, live music and dance, giving space to very physical and powerful proposals on an aesthetic and acrobatic level, full of dynamism and poetry

VoloV is inspired by the classic play Las Aves, a piece written by Aristophanes; Greek playwright and comedian (448 BC – 380 BC). It tells the story of two travelers, who flee from the continuous disputes that take place in Athens. They seek a happy and free world, with peace and harmony among its inhabitants.
VoloV is a ship in constant motion. A vehicle that moves from one landscape to another; through the ocean, through the air and even through the sand of the desert. Destiny is the road and utopia is that city in the sky, halfway between humans and the gods, of which the Greek playwright Aristophanes spoke already 2,400 years ago.

The circus techniques are mainly: Duo trapeze, cloud swing and aerial rope. These circus disciplines are clearly hybridized and enriched by movement, music and dance. The stage consists of a space limited by the 4 legs of the aerial rig. A simple stage set accompanies the journey. Ropes, different heights and mattresses are used to create new landscapes.

Artistic details

Research, authorship and direction: Col.lectiu TQM
Performers: Sait Tamir, Asvin López, Toni Gutiérrez, Mila Martínez, Tanja Haupt, Nacho López
Music composition: Nacho López y Tanja Haupt
Musical directionl: Nacho López
Technical support and light design: Mateo Martínez
Stage design: Col·lectiu TQM
Costumes: Mina Trapp
External view: Jose Antonio Puchades – Putxa (Zero en Conducta)
Artistic advice: Miquel Barcelona y Antonia Ruiz
Video and graphic design: Gotzon García
Photography: Rakel Cros,  Luis Montero
Sound / Lights: Nacho López, Mateo Martínez
Stage montage: Mila Martínez

Coproducción de Circada Sevilla

Special Thanks to: TAC – Teatre Auditori de Cardedeu, Ajuntament de Cardedeu, Festival Circada, La Bau, Circ Cric, Nini Gorzerino, Miquel Barcelona, Antonia Ruiz, BAU-Marata, La Central del Circ, Associació Vòrtex, Associació La Persiana.



  • Feria de Teatro de Castilla y León 2021
  • Premio Zirkólika 2021




“¡¡You have taken even the cold from us!!”

Shout in the public. Gaire Festival, Pancrudo (Teruel). At 5ºC.


“Very proud of this coproduction presented in Circada 2021. Bravo Col.lectiu TQM, pure circus, pure poetry!” ”

Gonzalo Andino. Director of Circada Festival, Sevilla


“ The stage production VoloV has obtained the Audience Award for Best Street Arts Show, by popular vote, accrediting the quality of this proposal. It is a fresh and daring show, showing itself as a fantastic proposal of contemporary circus creation, which presents a high quality technical execution and a scenic presence with great aesthetic force, with a wonderful sound space. All this, without renouncing the principles of circus creation, combining risk, fun and the ability to thrill the public.”

Manuel Jesús González Fernández. President of the Cultural Association CIVITAS Feria de Teatro Castilla y León