Moll de l’òs – Àfrica Llorens


Length: 50 min


FORADADA is inspired by the legend of the rock of Foradada in Montserrat. It is a risky play that uses hybrid language, where the protagonist crosses her own prisons. ​With an uncomfortable body, wicker baskets, acrobatics and skin, she offers a song to dissent, claiming the right to exist.

Artistic details

  • Àfrica Llorens – Creator and project manager
  • Gina Vila Bruc – External view and dramaturgy
  • Verònica Capozzoli – External perspective and gender
  • Mau P. Pradas – Sound creation and coordination
  • Mar Grimalt – Music
  • Berta Perez Torres and Ivan Tomasevic– Lights design
  • Elisa Valls – Costumes
  • Betty Cau – Scenography
  • Joan Farré – Baskets and wicker
  • Pilar Marsal – Pillows


With the support of:

– Communauté de communes Cazals-Salviac (Lot)
– Generalitat de Catalunya departament de Cultura.
– Festival de Llegendes de Catalunya.
– Fira Mediterrània de Manresa
– Figueres es MOU – Agitart