Cia. eLe

The company eLe was born in 2014 in Barcelona after the encounter of Marta Lorente and Raquel Batet at the Pepe Otal’s Workshop of Puppets. With the aim of exploring different forms of expression across the puppets, and after a year of work, they present his second show of string puppets.

Marta Lorente

She takes the first contact with the scenic arts at the Ateneu Popular of 9 Barris working on
circus. At the beginning of 2011 she enters the puppet’s world. Since then she has given life to diverse individual and collective projects as MARGINATTA or EL LABORATORIO TITIRINANTE.

Raquel Batet

She starts in the world of dance and enters the puppet’s world by the association and company MARIONETES NÒMADES, which has been performing in many festivals across Europe and organises tours of in the social domain across Burkina Faso, Haiti. And Lebanon After these experiences she decides to remain in Barcelona and focus her artistic interests in the world of puppets.


La Extraordinaria

La Extraordinaria is something difficult to define. What at first glance looks like a simple nursing home hides, behind its walls, a reality out of the ordinary. A collaborative project where very diverse people have found a place where they can live together respecting each other’s singularity. A place where being old does not mean being resigned, leaving behind who you are and much less fitting in with a pre-established image of how you should be.

Welcome to La Extraordinaria!