Upcoming performances

Wednesday 26/01/22 – 20:30 h
Work in progress - La Grainerie. Toulouse, France
Friday 28/01/22 – 12:45 h
Work in progress - Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès - CIAM. Toulouse, France
Friday 08/04/22 – h
Estreno. Festival Sismògraf, Olot (day to be confirmed)

Amer Kabanni (cia 104º)




Runa. Remains. History. Construction. Destruction. Forgotten memories. Siria. Roots. Death. Life. Identity.

A free space where the body becomes the way to think about human’s being active and passive hostility, using and acid but profound comedy that will make you think.

This play wonders about your own limits, as well as the absurdity of borders and human conflicts

Artistic details

Original idea: Amer Kabbani Fernandez
Diretion: Rolando Sanmartin
Dramaturgy: Amer Kabbani and Rolando Sanmartin
External eye: Joan Català and Marta Salla
Light and sound design: Ivan Tomasevich
Distribution and diffusion: Alina Ventura ( La Maleta dels Espectacles)
Costume design: Amer Kabbani

Comunication: Aida Kabbani

Graphic deign: Gerard Riu

Photography: Jordi Plana


Support for the Creation of Fira Tàrrega 2022.

Beneficiary project for the creation of the Travesia cross-border cooperation project, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union through POCTEFA. With the support of Ax Animation, Roca Umbert, La Central del Circ and Fira Tàrrega.