From 2008, we distribute shows from Catalan companies of circus, puppet and street theatre addressed to all audiences. Therefore, we project ahead their shows both national and internationally, willing to professionalise performing arts.

Our main goal is to accompany the companies in order to help artists to focus on their own job and create high quality artistic works with a national and international scope. Growing up together we can go further.

Meanwhile this process, we take care of management and professional relationship among culture programmers, paying always attention to offer a human, one-to-one and close treatment without forgetting professionalism and efficiency. We like open, empathetic and long-lasting relationships.

Alina Ventura

“La Maleta dels Espectacles” founder.
With a degree on Turism and Art History, she worked over 6 years on events management addressed to business enterprises until she decided to pivot her professional career and break into culture. To make that possible, she attended the Culture Management Master in the University of Barcelona in 2008.
In 2008, she took a dive and founded “La Maleta dels Espectacles”, starting the hard work of circus shows distribution around Spain and some foreign countries. From 2011 up to 2016, she managed the professional enterprise area in Fira Tàrrega, programming her own shows and companies.


Regular collaborator of La Maleta.
Cultural manager formed in France where she worked as a producer in theatres and festivals. She moves to Barcelona where she is part of the professional’s team of several cultural equipments of the city like Antic Teatre- Espai de Creació, APPC, Ateneu Popular 9 Barris, participating to cultural politics, developing tasks of programming, of management of international projects, of creation and artistic production.
In 2014 she founds the label specialised in management of circus AlterCircus and provides an advisory service in cultural management.
She has been part of La Maleta dels Espectacles and has collaborated in several editions of the Enterprise Area of La Maleta dels Espectacles in FiraTàrrega.

Teresa Iglesias

Regular collaborator of La Maleta.

She is information and cultural manager specialized in projects’ management. Her career has been focused on knowledge management projects for over 13 years working on outsourcing projects, which gave her the opportunity to broaden her professional career towards the management of projects in culture. She has worked for several culture equipments both national and internationally within different sectors.

Over the last 9 years, she has worked for private companies as culture manager focusing on management and culture projects execution (pre-production and production areas), economic management (financing research), and working on technical coordination of work teams, strategic consulting and internal processes, among others.

In collaboration with:

Creative Catalonia
Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya