Mechanical puppet theater

Length: 6 h


The bar machines have come out on the street and have met the puppets!
Mechanical puppet theater offers you the opportunity to manipulate puppets while trying to win the game to your opponent.
Different routines will test your skills.

Mechanical puppet theater consists of six glove puppet theaters that can be manipulated by the public through levers and buttons as in the old Bar machines.

Mechanical puppet theater works in games. A pair of players can use levers to knock each other down and the public can enjoy the game as if they were watching a puppet show.

The aesthetics of the theaters are in the style of the English Punch & Judy theatres (with a different color scheme for each one), and the combination of wood and iron gives the machines a retro style.

Each glove theater represents a different routine inspired by the traditional puppet theater. The proposed routines (with provisional titles) are:
• BLUDGEON PUPPET: Two puppets try to beat each other down. They can move through the whole theater.
• RADIAL BLUDGEON PUPPET: Two puppets try to beat each other down. They have circular movement.
• IL CANE: A puppet tries to beat a dog (or a crocodile) and the dog tries to bite the puppet. They can move through the whole theater.
• INFINITE PERSECUTION: Two puppets chase each other circularly to beat each other. The persecution is altered because, randomly, the position of the puppet changes (turning the one chasing into the one being chased)
• THE INSISTENT: A puppet tries to get to an object, and the other puppet, which is between the first and the object, must prevent it by trying to beat him down.
• PULL THE ROPE: Two puppets play pulling the rope, trying to make the other exceed the limits.

Artistic details

Idea, creation and production – Xesco Quadras