Cia. eLe

La Extraordinaria

Length: 30 min


La Extraordinaria is something difficult to define. What at first glance looks like a simple nursing home hides, behind its walls, a reality out of the ordinary. A collaborative project where very diverse people have found a place where they can live together respecting each other’s singularity. A place where being old does not mean being resigned, leaving behind who you are and much less fitting in with a pre-established image of how you should be.

Welcome to La Extraordinaria!

Artistic details

Authorship and direction: Cía. eLe
Puppeteers: Marta Lorente and Raquel Batet
Puppet design and construction: Marta Lorente
Scenography: Marta Lorente, Raquel Batet and Vicente Martínez
Puppet costumes: Marta Lorente and Vicente Martínez