Amer Kabanni (cia 104º)

The companyia 104º is an intimate place for experimentation and creation, where the goal is to find yourself.

The company is composed mainly for Amer Kabbani Fernandez, circus base, and also fully attracted by stage direction and all kind of live arts.

To research, rethink, redo; to think about all that goes beyond the objects and bodies are concepts that guide to create this space between ignorance and knowledge.

Amer Kabbani is surrounded by Ivan Tomasevich, a puppet, light design, music and live arts lover.

Between them, the conversations and research becomes a game.

To share all that, Alina Ventura helps them with the diffusion of the first show of the company  104º.

She is the founder of Maleta dels Espectacles, making possible for circus arts, and others, to travel around the world, for many years alreay.

The three of them have been already together with a previous project called ENVÀ, from Amer i Àfrica Circ cia. Which has toured through all Europe.

Amer worked with his flyer Àfrica Llorens during 9 years, with who he has growed in many levels and made possible to face this new chapter alone.



Runa. Remains. History. Construction. Destruction. Forgotten memories. Siria. Roots. Death. Life. Identity.

A free space where the body becomes the way to think about human’s being active and passive hostility, using and acid but profound comedy that will make you think.

This play wonders about your own limits, as well as the absurdity of borders and human conflicts