BotProject was formed in 2007 in Barcelona. Lucas and Angel combined their acrobatic and acting skills to create a their first trampoline act, with the supported of Rogelio Rivel Circus School. El “Espiral del Diablo” was presented live during the Capitals’s festivities the same year. Having a great success and incredible posive feed back, both artist decided to embark in a more ambitious project, create a full-length piece. Combining trampoline/ trampo-wall and comedy.

Their first R+D was in Tub D’Assaig, Terrassa, a space run by circus artist. Then Botproject have received support form Sabadell’s city council and becoming artist in residence at Ca L’estruch. Having a much bigger space allowed the company to go more in-depth in their research with trampo-wall technique and explore new props as well as devise character and theatrical work. “Collage” was the result of three month of R+D.

“Collage”  has been performed over 300 times and tour around Europe since their premiere in 2009. Nominated best Street show by Zirkolica’s awards and winner of audience price at 17th edition of the Festival Theatre Villanueva de la Serena

Botproject’s training headquarters is split in two different locations across Barcelona, Rogelio Rivel Circus School and Cronopis. where they continue to develop their artistic research. Currently the company are working in a new very exciting project, watch this space, more information coming soon!



Acrobatics, balances, jumps challenging gravity, all sort of objects manipulation and a high dose of humor and wits integrate “Collage”. A trampoline show plenty of fun for all ages and public presented by the catalan company BotProject.

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