Pere Hosta – International



Travelling visual comedy show

A door appears out of nowhere… what a great opportunity to open it !, and know that there is the other side. But it turns out the other side there is us, our daily life… and an eccentric character, funny, surreal and witty moments… that brings the door leaves here and there the need transported the fun. With the simplicity of the door, take us to places where imagination comes in and out.

Artistic details

Idea Creation & Pere Hosta
Stage director: Sophie Borthwick
Assistant Director: Helena Escobar
Clown: Pere Hosta
Scenery: Pep Aymerich
Costumes CarmePuidevalliPlantéS
Design: SopaGraphics


Acknowledgements: Lu Arroyo
With the support of: Ajuntament de Girona – Kreas 2015, Diputació de Girona
Collaboration: Festival Claca, Centre Cívic Barri Vell-Mercadal