I-MAG 341, a rocket to fire your imagination

Length: 6h


The team of the I-MAG 341 rocket is ready to raise passengers over 80,000 kilometres height to be able to see the earth from a distance.
Do you want to be an astronaut? Make your dream come true!
The Special Rocket, a rocket to fire your imagination.

I-MAG 341 is:

• A rocket and its launch pad installed in your village.
• A one-man street show that offers to the audience the possibility of living during 3 minutes the same feelings that an astronaut experiences when flying to the space.
• An installation to raise a laugh.


• Public from 6 years old, although we recommend the adult travels first and, then, s/he evaluates if the experience is suitable or not according to child’s sensitivity.
• The experience takes about 6 minutes inside the installation: 3 minutes for preparation plus 3 minutes inside the rocket.
• 6 hours of performance, split into 3h + 3h, or 2h + 2h + 2h. Ask for other options.
• You get a shift through a ticket machine. The access number will appear on the screen above the entrance door.
• Show without text. Sound ambiance in English (official language of air navigation). Explanations with descriptive images.

Points of interest:

Who expects to see a real rocket in the town square or on the basketball court?
Everyone dreams of being an astronaut and traveling to the space some time. Thanks to I-MAG 341 rocket, we make this dream come true.

Artistic details

Original idea: Xesco Quadras.
Audiovisual technical design: Joan Gorro.
Video and audio-visual effects: Oriol Aubets.
Mounting sound and mixes: Verònica Font.
Voices in English: Scott Landon and Zulma Valdez.
Costume: Illuminated Sancho.
Graphic design: Berta Peiró, Adrià Ventura, Rafel Rodell.
Rocket construction: Jordi Dorado, Joan Gorro, Xesco Quadras.
Production: cia. Peus de Porc


Prize “DRAC D’OR FOR THE BEST SCENOGRAPHY” Fira de Titelles de Lleida 2017
“Due to a painstaking and flawless work when elaborating a risky proposal.”